mercoledì 28 agosto 2013

No to the war on Syria!!!!

We, citizens of the United Nations, whose Charter rejects war, ask you to actively oppose any military action on Syria and to support a peaceful solution (”Geneva II”).

This war that USA and their allies want to make is based on totally unverified and instrumental accusationson the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Army.

This war would be an illegal and irresponsible act, based on a lie, such as the war on Iraq in 2003, the war in Libya in 2011, the war on Kosovo in 1999, in Afghanistan in 2001 and so on.

History will remember which countries were for peace and which countries were warmongering.

Unfortunately for the past 2 years, unverified“news” and pure propaganda has been used to justify military interference in Syria, arming several groups. This interference by USA, their allies, and Arab countries has brought the country to the tragic state it is in today.

Paolo D'Arpini, Via mazzini 27 - Treia (Macerata) Italy